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7 attachment of Logging machinery will make you less tired

Manual logging is laborious, unsafe, slow and inefficient. On average, it may take more than 10 minutes or even half an hour to fell a tree. Similarly, planting trees is the same as logging, manual methods are time-consuming, laborious and prone to accidents. Since machines can be used for harvesting crops, building buildings and digging pits, why not use machines for logging and planting trees? Today we will introduce to you seven excavator accessories and attachments, so that you will no longer have to work hard, and double the efficiency!

1. Drilling rig

Drilling rig are used to drill tree pits in forest farms or farms, similar to a simple rotary drilling machine, usually installed on small and medium excavators or skid steer loaders

2.log grabber

Log grabbers are used for grabbing, loading and unloading wood in forestry and agriculture. Log grabbers are divided into mechanical log grabbers and rotary log grabbers. Among them, the mechanical log grabber can be used without modifying the excavator pipeline and hydraulic system (low-cost type); the rotary log grabber needs to modify the excavator pipeline and hydraulic system to meet the needs of 360-degree rotation, so the cost is higher , But it’s more practical to pick up logs

3. Thumb grasping pliers

Thumb grabbing pliers and thumb digging buckets can be described as the same in accomplishing the same thing. They are also like having a thumb to help each other to grasp the trunk and roots of the tree in another direction, so as to grasp and pull up the roots.

4.Rake bucket

The rake bucket is generally wide, with five or six rake feet. It is mainly used for digging suddenly around the pine roots. The next step is to uproot the roots

Serrated rake bucket

Serrated rake buckets are relatively rare and have a relatively simple structure with a row of triangular saw teeth. Similar to the role of the rake bucket, used to loose the soil

5.Felling machine

The feller can realize a series of felling actions such as fast cutting, debranching, planing and truncation, and select fellers with different parameters according to the average diameter of the trees. Mainly used for logging operations on large-scale forest farms

6.Feller buncher

The felling buncher is used to cut tree trunks, and can also collect multiple trees or trunks at the same time

7.Tree mover

Tree movers are used to transplant trees in forestry, agriculture and municipal gardens. They are usually installed on excavators or loaders. They are driven by hydraulic cylinders and valve blocks. They are divided into three-part and four-part types. Saplings with a diameter of less than 120 mm can be dug out from one place and transplanted to another place, which is dozens of times more efficient than manual excavators.

In the context of increasing technological level and increasing labor costs, the use of machines for operations has become a general trend. These assistant tools and attachments that can play a big role in forestry will surely reduce your worry and effort. Welcome to contact with KENTE machimery(sales@kentemachinery.com) to purchase the logging machinery you need.




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