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Actual usage evaluation of KENTE Wheel excavator

evaluation of KENTE wheel excavator
KENTE KT150W Wheel excavator

This article is written by an operator who has use KENTE wheel excavator for more than 6 years, for details please read the below words:  

I have one KENTE wheel excavator 150-8, I bought this machine in the year of 2014. Below is several pictures for current machine:

Photos of 15T wheel excavator

The hydraulic system is Kawasaki k3v63 hydraulic pump, Parker distribution valve, and this machine can be equipped with an independent small distribution valve, using a hammer, wood grab or rotary drill. This is really practical. I’m always afraid of using a hammer to damage the distribution valve. With this, just use it at your will!

hydraulic system of KT150

This excavator is equipped Yuchai engine 4B125Z–T20, is much more fuel-efficient than Cummins with the same power. Any quality level diesel can be used for it, noise is a little big, and it can not endure high temperatures, and its life span is incomparable with world famous brand engines, but it’s a good machine to save fuel for yourself. As for the lifespan, overhauled one time will take you four thousand CNY is enough. Even overhaul it every three years, the cost is also quite low. Besides, at present they can also equip it with Cummins engine.

evaluation of KENTE wheel

evaluation of KENTE wheel excavator 1

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