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How to oprate self loading concrete mixer?

We all know that in rural areas and many small construction sites, it is not cost-effective to use large concrete mixer trucks to transport concrete. But manual mixing requires too much manpower and is not efficient!

Especially in Europe, where the labor cost is very high, the above problems are even more serious. So, the Europeans invented this device: small self-loading concrete mixer.

It is mainly consisted of a mixing cylinder and a loading bucket.

1. Before starting work, fill lubricating oil and adjust the gauge .

2. Turn on the high-pressure water pump to fill the water tank

3.Drive the truck to the gravel yard and adjust the driver’s seat in the reverse direction to facilitate the operation of loading and mixing concrete.

Firstly loading the cement.

4. Then go to load the gravel and sand.

5. Electronic scale controls weight ratio

6. After put all into the cylinder, then start to mix

Take off the concrete guide plate,begin to pour. High efficient

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