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New wheel type grabbing machine KT85W-Z

The KT85W-Z wheel grabbing machine is a new generation of fully hydraulic wheel grabbing machine independently developed by us. It adopts a high-power and low-fuel consumption National III standard engine to ensure the strong power and power reserve of the whole machine; efficient hydraulic system and bridge.

The precise matching of the box ensures the free switching between the working state and the walking state; with its mobile and flexible all-round characteristics, the KT85W-Z wheel grabbing machine can demonstrate quality in various grabbing operations. Adopt environmentally-friendly National III engine/imported hydraulic system/imported motor/infinitely variable transmission device/intelligent trip computer, with big data analysis and storage function, timely warning reminder/high driving force, so that the whole vehicle has the flexible escape ability Strong off-road performance.

wheel grabbing machine

Highlight introduction Comfort:

  • The newly-designed cab has an increased activity space of 15% and a wide field of vision, which can provide the operator with an excellent all-round view; the excellent sound insulation pad can further reduce the noise level in the cab; Cigarette holders, ashtrays, water cup holders, and reading lights are all available, and various operating buttons are arranged more humanely, providing a more comfortable working environment.
  • The front windshield can be easily slid up into the top plate.

  • The new ergonomic suspension seat can be adjusted manually according to the driver’s weight, which greatly improves the comfort of operation.
  • Using a dual-balance hydraulic suspension system, when the road is uneven, the suspension system can automatically adjust the front axle tilt angle to keep the driving level, reduce the bumpy feeling of the vehicle, and improve the comfort of the passengers

suspension system


  • Using a brand-new intelligent control system, the top domestic trip computer has powerful big data analysis and storage functions, and timely warning prompts.
  • Optional high-definition reversing image, with night vision capability, to ensure the safety of driving and operation.
  • Environmental-friendly National III engine, using the latest fuel-saving technology, strong power.
  • Negative flow hydraulic system, precise flow control, energy saving effect is more significant.



  • The drive axle and gearbox are driven at three speeds to achieve fast transitions.
  • Full-time four-wheel drive, the walking motor directly drives the four wheels through the gearbox and differential, which can cope with various road conditions.
  • High driving force, so that the vehicle has a strong ability to escape difficulties, ensuring excellent off-road performance.
  • Reinforced structural parts are more suitable for harsh working conditions and improvedurability.

stable structure


  • The anti-settlement design of the bulldozer is equipped with a two-way hydraulic lock to realize the self-locking function to ensure that the bulldozer does not fall.
  • Hydraulic system safety design, imported brake valve, full hydraulic brake, effectively ensure the safety of driving, equipped with super brake accumulator, even if the engine stops working, it can ensure sufficient braking ability.
  • Dual-circuit brake system makes walking safer and more secure.

The main components



The National III engine uses the latest fuel-saving technologies such as in-cylinder direct injection, air cooling, turbocharging, and so on. The fuel consumption is reduced by 10% compared with similar products, with cleaner combustion performance and lower exhaust emissions, strong power, stable and reliable.

Imported pump:

hydraulic pump

The imported variable axial piston pump can provide precise flow control according to load requirements, match the real-time power of the engine, and achieve significant energy-saving effects.


Import valve:

valves and connectors

Imported multi-way valve and imported pipeline can stably realize compound action and improve work efficiency.


Enhanced boom:


Reinforced boom avoids local welding stress concentration; steel plates in key parts are strengthened, which is more reflected in the firmness of grasping operations; reinforced sticks adopt a stable box-type welding structure, and the bending section coefficient is increased by 14% on average. The stress is reduced by more than 10%, which effectively improves the durability under severe working conditions; reinforced steel claws, high-strength structural steel, straight-tooth meshing type turntable, high-torque hydraulic rotary special motor with buffer protection valve, can achieve safety Fast rotation in degrees.


Engineering tyres:

engineering tyres


Super abrasion resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance; bear the quality of the car itself and the load, maintain its running performance; buffer the impact and vibration received by the vehicle, maintain the stability and smoothness of the vehicle; ensure the reliability of the entire tire The contact with the ground can improve the traction, passing and braking performance of the vehicle.


Robot welding:

robot welding

The lean manufacturing system adopts CNC, laser and plasma cutting and cutting; robot welding and machining center processing ensure the processing accuracy and quality reliability of the structural parts; the advanced quality assurance system ensures that the qualified rate of the structural parts reaches 100%.

Wood grabbing machine

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